Sportsman Gun Centre is proud to announce it has reached an agreement to become exclusive distributors of Roedale Precision rifle suppressors in the UK.

Roedale Precision's Delta Series Suppressors are manufactured in Germany by a team led by Pete Lincoln, a former British serviceman, hunting devotee and qualified master riflesmith.

Roedale Precision rifle suppressors, or sound moderators and silencers as they are also known, have quickly developed a reputation for performance excellence and outstanding value, but until the distribution deal with Sportsman Gun Centre many potential UK customers have been put off or been frustrated by the delays in importing Roedale products from Germany because of the amount of paperwork involved.

Now Roedale rifle suppressors will be available direct in the UK from the Sportsman Gun Centre stores in Exeter, Dorset and Newport and through its online store.

British design and German engineering combine to make superb value rifle suppressors

Roedale Precision's Delta Series of rifle suppressors are an example of the science and technology of sound suppression taken to its optimum. They are individually hand-machined, robust and designed to be affordable to the wider hunting fraternity.

Pete acquired much of his expertise in sound suppression while working in the aerospace industry prior to setting up Roedale. He used contacts at the Research and Development team at the University of Applied Science Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany, to produce the most advanced and flexible, sound suppression system.

The result of this R&D is a Rifle suppressor that combines excellent sound suppression, muzzle flash elimination and recoil reduction, all in an extremely compact and lightweight package.

Modular baffle design to cater for different requirements and calibres

Key to the success of the Roedale Delta Suppressor series is its adaptability to different individual hunting and shooting requirements, which is made possible by the modular suppressor baffle system.

Baffles are essentially a series of chambers that reduce the strength of airborne sound by trapping, cooling and then expelling rapidly expanding propellant gases.

The Roedale Precision Delta Series rifle suppressors come in ultralight and standard. The modular suppressor baffle system allows the huntsman to tailor the suppressor to their exact requirements by simply adding or removing additional blast baffle units to create the perfect compromise of weight distribution and sound suppression.

It is also possible to replace the first couple of baffle units with stainless steel in order to ensure suitable performance with high intensity magnum type calibres.

The alloy used in production has been made exclusively to Roedale's specifications to ensure constant quality and real world performance, all parts are CNC machined from solid bar stock, available in either Parkerised Steel or Stainless Steel variants and TiAIN or phosphate coated.

Delta rifle suppressors are muzzle mounted and come available with commonly found thread patterns, initially these will be available as 1/2" UNF with further sizes to follow.

“Roedale Precision have quickly established a reputation for making truly outstanding value rifle suppressors,” says Gary Lamburn, Managing Director of Sportsman Gun Centre.

"However, until this breakthrough distribution deal it has not been very convenient for hunting and shooting enthusiasts to get hold of them.

"Now we have a chance to offer these examples of precision design and engineering in suppressors to the UK market at outstanding prices."

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