FX Airguns

FX Airguns




Here at The Sportsman Gun Centre, we are proud to present, and be the UK’s Sole Distributor for the brilliant FX Airguns.

Founded in 1999, in the small picturesque town of Mariestad, Sweden, by Fredrik Axelsson, FX Airguns has gone from strength to strength in the airgun world. Axelsson was a passionate airgun enthusiast who started the journey of creating the airgun of his dreams when he couldn't find the one, he was looking for.

The FX team, led by Fredrik, has relentlessly introduced cutting edge technologies that has propelled the airgun industry into a new era where FX Airguns are globally considered an industry leader. As intricate as their guns are, the philosophy behind their creations is quite simple; to provide the most exceptional airgun in every possible way.

The FX Airguns are in a class of their own with exceptional quality and consistency; with new rifles such as the Impact M3 offering shot counts way above the competition. Featuring both standard and FAC Air Rifles alongside a plethora of compatible accessories from Donny FL, Element Optics, and Saber Tactical.