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FX Airguns




We Are the UK’s Official FX Airguns Distributors

The Sportsman Gun Centre is proud to be the sole UK importers and distributors for Swedish airgun company, FX Airguns. Announced in 2020, this partnership has had a profound impact on the UK airgun industry, bringing world class airguns to a much wider audience – now with increased availability and much reduced lead times.

Made in Sweden

FX Airguns have been a powerhouse of airgun innovation, design and manufacturing since their founding in 1999 in Mariestad, Sweden. Fredrik Axelsson, a passionate airgun enthusiast, was constantly on the lookout for the best airgun available. When Fredrik didn’t find what he was looking for, he started on the journey to create the airgun of his dreams. More than two decades on from his dream, FX Airguns are renowned for their high-quality air rifles with a constant stream of innovation that has propelled the airgun market to never seen before heights.

Now considered a global industry leader, FX continually thrive with one simple philosophy; to provide the most exceptional airgun in every possible way. FX Airguns are lovingly, and dutifully, crafted by 50 experienced Swedish craftsmen and engineers that have honed their skills to perfection – with today’s airgun shooters expecting nothing short of perfection from every rifle produced. Each airgun that is produced in the FX factory is rigorously tested in all aspects to ensure a gun that is hardwearing, accurate, remarkably quiet, and of course, stunningly beautiful. FX air rifles are known for outperforming the competition with ease, which is why customers continue to show their trust in the company.

Trailblazers in their industry, FX have more patents, unique innovations, and are more technologically advanced than any other airgun manufacturer existing today. Their deep understanding and passion for the airgun sport consistently drives them to outperform yesterday. With new technology always pushing the limits of what is possible, who knows what incredible airguns are yet to be invented, in the cradle of the minds from Mariestad.

Looking for Your Perfect Airgun?

No matter what discipline you shoot, which calibre you prefer or even the style, we have a vast array of different airguns in both sub12ft/lbs and FAC for sale and available either online or instore today. For more information on which airgun to choose, you can read our blog – Top 3 FX Air Rifles.