I first used the Titan in 5-25x format last year so the arrival of the 3-18x reinvigorated my delight with this optic. They are available M.O.A. or mRad and this is the latter, so suited my preferences perfectly. Opening the box shows a glassily smooth, yet still matt hard anodised scope with no likelihood of dragging every dusty skin particle from your hands and fingers whilst operating it. There is a 76mm sunshade, cleaning cloth and rubber lens caps that stretch over the scope, as well as flip up caps for both objective and ocular lenses. Element supply a throw lever to speed up magnification change and a detailed instruction manual explaining all the functional capabilities of the scope and reticle as well. It’s full technical specifications 34mm tube sets the ball rolling and I mounted the scope to CZ LRP for my favourite multi-range shooting that exercises the dialling capabilities of any scope.

Element Optics Titan ready to be shot
Element Optics Titan close up of scope

The specs

There is 70mm in front and 65 mm tube space to the rear of the saddle to site your rings, optimising position for the scope’s 102mm eye relief on your rifles action. The right side windage dial offers 5 mRad (50 clicks) in either direction from the centre zero point and once dialled in for your rifle, the outer knurled cap can be removed, the marker dial lifted on and slotted back in place on the splined shaft for long term repetition of where `middle` is on your gun. There is an underside vernier scale which will indicate your overall position in the adjustment range of you go past one full rotation. The elevation turret up top works, similarly, rotating anti-clockwise to add elevation with 100 clicks (10 mRad) per revolution. Once set up on your rifle, remove the cap the same as the windage to mark zero distance position and you also have the option of setting the zero stop too. This just needs the three circumferential Allen screws slackening (Allen key supplied) and the collar rotating clockwise until it hits the stop before re-tightening and replacing the cap. You can include negative travel if you want as well. Overall mechanical elevation travel is 43.6 mRad or 150 M.O.A., depending on which version of the scope you choose. Windage is 14.5mRad or 50 M.O.A. Once zeroed at 50 metres, I had a remaining 24.5 mRad up upward dialling capability and set negative of 2mRad as preferred. The clicks are all gently audible and fully tactile with easy function and little overrun likelihood.

A throw lever is included as well as sunshade, cleaning cloth and two styles of lens cap

Optical clarity

Parallax correction on the left side turret can be dialled from infinity to below 10 metres and this is a huge benefit for rimfire, shooters and especially air gunners needing full functionality of the magnification range at short distances. The dial is backlash free and smooth, allowing a crisp focus of the scope’s ultimate resolution capability. illumination is controlled on the extreme left outer dial beyond the parallax, with 6 intensity setting punctuated by `off` positions. There is no automation so don’t forget to switch it off when you are finished. The CR2032 battery is easily replaced under the screwcap with similar knurled rim for grip, without the need for any tools. The First Focal plane reticle within has all for directions illuminated, 6 mils above centre, 20 below and 10 left and right of centre. As well as improved contrast for any light condition, this makes the scope more versatile if you use night vision add-ons and being FFP, also means you can use low magnification/smallest reticle without straining to see where it is, in contrast to the background field of view. The lower stadia on this APR-2D mRad reticle also shows a Christmas tree like pattern with multiple aim off marks for windage correction, as well as the elevation options. All dimensions are clearly described in the manual. The reticle is sparkle free regardless of intensity and remains static in crisp focus throughout the magnification range once the ocular is correctly adjusted for your own eye.

Magnification is controlled in a 180-degree sweep clockwise from 3-18x. The collar itself has grippy knurling yet as is becoming increasingly common, a grub screw in the collar can be removed and replaced with an 11mm throw lever to aid control at speed. The ocular body is a parallel 45.2mm diameter so suitable for add-ons with the flush fitting fast focus eyepiece at the very rear. I chose to set this up and then fit the flip up caps as they are harder to loose than rubber caps in my experience. Build quality is extremely good, no untoward internal noise from the mechanics and exemplary finishing standards to all aluminium surfaces, before and during anodising.

Parallax adjusts below 10m which is great for air gunners, illumination intensity is also controlled on the left


The Titan has been a straightforward project, Element set out to take their 5x magnification range Titan scope, more dedicated to target use, and broaden its appeal with lower magnification and a 6x zoom range for a broader range of shooters, specifically hunters wanting the benefits of FFP and the adaptability of illumination with a broader field of view. For a sub £700 scope, Element have struck a fine balance between extrovertly obvious mechanics whilst retaining subtle optical capability and decent image resolution, contrast, and colouration. The exit pupil remains above 2.7mm at even the highest magnification and with 16.6mm at 3x, makes for a very inviting space, allowing generous freedom of movement in more time critical scenarios, especially when tracking a moving target or trying to home in on distant quarry from awkward supporting positions where the throw lever allows effortless magnification control with less rifle disturbance.

APR-2D reticle, excuse target mirage at 30-degree air temperature!


This is a good scope that offers one of the best optic-mechanical balances without excessive marketing hype out there. Adjustments are precise, the mechanics feel high quality and the honest image quality is well balanced for relaxed sighting. Fair capability in poor light was very welcome and the platinum lifetime warranty is also an attractive aspect of Titan ownership, offering significant peace of mind at an attractive price.

Fast focus eyepiece and flip up lens cap


Magnification 3-18x
Reticle Illuminated APR-2D
Focal Plane 1st
Eye Relief 102mm/4”
Objective Lens Diameter 50mm
Tube Diameter 34mm
Click Value 0.1 mRad/1cm @ 100m
Zero Stop Yes
Illumination Yes
Length 370mm/14.6”
Product Weight 976gr/34.5oz.
Mechanical Range 43.6 mRad elevation, 14.5 mRad windage
Side Parallax 10m to infinity
Field of view 13.75-2.28m @100m (41-6.8ft @100Yards)