FX DRS Classic

Introducing a masterpiece hunting rifle prepared to make a statement. The simple yet sophisticated FX DRS design allowed FX to create a true high-end airgun like never before. By eliminating some of the distinguishing features inherent to airguns, such as the air tank, the FX DRS looks more minimalistic in design with the appearance of a traditional rifle.

Available in two stunning options, sleek and rugged black synthetic for the modern adventurer and a timeless Minelli walnut stock for those who appreciate classic elegance. The synthetic soft-touch finish provides a secure grip, ensuring confidence in every shot. On the other hand, the Minelli walnut stock version pays homage to tradition and craftsmanship. The over the barrel air tank enhances barrel stability, eliminating the need for a conventional carbon fibre bottle. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine, seamlessly integrating with the traditional look of both stocks.

The FX DRS classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a high-capacity magazine refined for larger projectiles, the flexibility to tailor the trigger unit to your exact preferences and a 11 mm dovetail rail. Upgrade options, including a match-grade trigger system, picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lengths etc offer a personalized touch for every shooter. And with the latest AMP regulator version, the FX DRS classic ensures unrivalled consistency in velocity, giving you the edge, you need in any shooting scenario.

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The FX DRS Pro MDT, a new platform built from the ground up. This new air rifle was constructed by FX Airguns with precision in mind, setting a new standard in the world of air rifles.

This contender to 22lr rifles is a game changer for any precision shooter looking to dominate competitions or train their skills. By wrapping the air tank around the barrel, it allowed for a lower profile of the overall rifle by eliminating the big air tank resulting in a very slim front end and an overall more balanced rifle with perfect ergonomics.

 The Pro can be configured to a lower more economical power to be able and be used as a practice rifle allowing the user to perfect their skills in a cost-effective way. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine. Large enough for the task at hand and blends seamlessly with the sleek look and feel of a traditional competition rifle.

To compete in PRS 22 and NRL 22 competitions FX partnered with MDT to provide a robust and reliable base. The MDT ACC Elite Chassis system is the perfect fusion of design, engineering and industry expertise, while the MDT Premier buttstock provides dependability.

The FX DRS Pro MDT designed for those who demand excellence.


Element Optics Rangefinders 

A new collection of rangefinders has been introduced by Element Optics to provide accuracy no matter your conditions.

The Rangefinder Module, Helix 150 and Titan 3K present their users with an accurate firing solution out to 100, 1500 and 300 meters, harnessing the full power of the integrated Ballistics Chip to factor in weather conditions, incline, spin drift and more.

The powerhouse that is the Rangefinder Module will take the HYPR-7 to a whole new level, but can also be used with any traditional rifle and scope to provide instant firing solutions. With the Element Ballistic chip integrated inside the module it can send real-time data and allows the user to store ballistic profiles on the device. The saving of information on the chip drastically reduces time between spotting a target and engaging a target meaning there’s no need to change the position held behind the rifle. 

The Titan 3K comes in a horizontal configuration as firstly, it creates more space for the bigger view finding optical system 7 x 26, it comes with a bigger laser lens helping it to perform better at longer ranges as well as space for a large 18650 battery for increased capacity. The horizontal configuration also allows for a thread on the bottom surface to attach to a tripod base plate.

The Helix 1500 is small and light and comes packed with features. The idea is that if you’re a hunter you need something compact to carry on your hip or in your pocket and something that doesn’t weigh you down. Enter the 150g rangefinder integrated with the Element Ballistic chip that is capable of factoring in the weather, wind, spin drift and the angle that you’re shooting to give you a very precise firing solution. The pouch that the Helix 1500 comes in has an elasticated tab for silent hunting and a molly strap at the back to attach to a backpack or belt loop.

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CZ 600 MDT

The CZ 600 series of centrefire bolt-action rifles has been expanded. The new line-up consists of two new models, the 600 MDT coming to you in a stylish grey or deep bronze colourway.

These new sport special rifles have been created by combining the high-end CZ 600 system with a sophisticated chassis from the renowned MDT brand. Both models are optimized for competing in the Production division of the Precision Rifle Series as well as other tactical sport shooting disciplines.

High performance really does meet an instinctive fit on these new rifles because as well as the tactical chassis they feature a generous picatinny rail, M-LOK mounting points an Arca Swiss rail, ambidextrous controls, an integrated barricade stop and an AR-15 compatible stock and pistol grip. The MDT AICS 10-round magazine with proprietary CZ follower ensures fully reliable feeding, even when manually inserting a round into the chamber through the ejection port.

With advanced ergonomics, a heavy profile cold hammer forged barrel, and an innovative single-action, easy-to-adjust trigger mechanism, CZ guarantees sub-0,75 MOA accuracy. The outstanding trigger comes fine-tuned from the factory with a clean, crisp break, reducing the chance of flinching or other movements before getting the shot off. Easily adjustable trigger pull as low as 6N with the included allen key ensures shooting comfort for all users.

The CZ 600 MDT provides you with everything you need to win!


Caldwell Claymore

The Caldwell Claymore Target Thrower is a real game change. With no batteries required on this pedal powered thrower the Claymore provides all the benefits of an electric clay thrower without having to carry around a heavy accessory.

This manual device is easy to cock and foot operated throwing clays for anything between 55 and 70 yards. Holding 50 clays in the target magazine, the Claymore features a standard mode and a flurry mode allowing for a continuous step-and-throw sequence that launches clays as fast as you can step on the pedal.

This clay target thrower is enveloped in versatility featuring adjustable launch angles to provide multiple shot options for the shooter and a more time shooting, less time loading mind set. The Claymore weighs only 35lbs and is collapsible for easy storage and transportation.

Get out and shatter some clays either by yourself or with some friends with the Caldwell Claymore.

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BOG Deathgrip Infinite

The BOG Death Grip series has taken the market by storm, barely reaching the retail shelves between shipments landing and shipments selling out.

The Infinite tripod compounds the overwhelming success of the original DeathGrip tripods. BOG took on the unenviable task of making the world’s best tripod even better and thrived with resounding success. The DeathGrip Infinite series is designed as a multi-functional tripod platform, utilizing an Arca-Swiss® mount system that allows for quick-change between optics and shooting situations using the DeathGrip UltraLite head.

A lightweight and durable product can be seen through the woven carbon fiber legs producing an overall weight of 6.5lbs. The glass smooth ball head mount provides 360 degrees of rotation and 180 degrees of tilt, ensuring the user can quickly acquire a target no matter the terrain or situation. All of these features are exquisitely finished with proprietary rubber feet with removable spikes, twist-lock legs for speedy, safe height adjustment, and a weight that can be compared to tripods up to 4 times its price point.

Combine all of these expertly designed features and you end of with the best tripod ever made (Gen 2).

Come and check it out on our stans the British Shooting Show.


ATA SP Pro 12 Competition Shotgun

The ATA Arms SP Pro 12 Competition shotgun boasts a plethora of remarkable features that set it way apart from its competitors not only in its price bracket but by punching way above its weight. Firstly, its superior ergonomics provide shooters with the utmost comfort and control, ensuring consistent accuracy shot after shot. The adjustable comb and Packmayr butt pad allow for personalized adjustments, enabling users to achieve their optimal shooting stance and maximize their field of vision.

Key Features:

  • Grade 2.5 walnut stock
  • Detachable trigger unit
  • 10mm to 8mm tapered rib
  • Push button adjustable trigger
  • Reduces recoil by 26.7% (created by elongated forcing cones designed by Teague Precision)
  • Chrome lined barrels
  • Packmayr butt pad
  • 5 interchangeable chokes; F, IM, M, IC, SK

*Optional – Competition barrel and stock weights (200gr / 400gr) are available to alter the balance

Not only does the ATA Arms SP Pro 12 Competition shotgun excel in performance, but it also offers exceptional value for money. Compared to its counterparts in the market, this shotgun provides top-tier features at a significantly more affordable price point. This affordability, coupled with its undeniable performance, makes it the perfect choice for competition shooters, club and novices alike.

The SP Pro 12 Competition shotgun is backed by the renowned ATA Arms brand with 50 years of experience and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.  ATA Arms has established itself as a trusted name in the firearms industry. This shotgun's reliability and consistent performance are a testament to the brand's dedication to quality and innovation.

Take a look at the Pro 12 on our stand, C5 & C6, at the BSS.


Wheeler 100 Piece Professional F.A.T. Wrench Screwdriver Set

Wheeler really is taking gunsmithing to new levels with their screwdriver sets. The 100 Piece Professional F.A.T. Wrench Screwdriver Set contains a combination of the iconic F.A.T. Wrench (Firearm Accurizing Torque) with 97 screwdriver bits and adapters. This grouping makes this set a gunsmith’s dream.

Equipped with an adjustable torque range that delivers 10-65 in-lbs., the F.A.T. Wrench is engineered to tackle a wide variety of common gunsmithing tasks like tightening scope bases and rings, action screws, and more with precision. Both the F.A.T. Wrench and the ¼" driver feature magnetized tips and rubber over-moulded handles that improve ergonomics and grip while reducing hand strain. 

The driver shafts and bits all have a black phosphate coating that prevents rust and corrosion and extends tool life; guaranteeing that your tools will look great for years to come. All the tools are neatly organized and secured in a premium latching hard case that easily stacks on top of other Wheeler screwdriver sets for smart, convenient storage.

Maintenance and gunsmithing has never been so fun, consistent and convenient, let Wheeler guide the way.

This product can be seen at the British Shooting Show.


Pard TD32/62 Series

Pard have unleashed the ultimate observation experience with the introduction of their first multi-spectral device the TD Series.

This device merges the two worlds of night vision and thermal imaging with the user being able to switch between the two as thermal imaging can be used to detect the target and the night vison image will present clear details. As well as switching between the modes the PIP (picture in picture) enables a simultaneous display of both night vision and thermal imaging on the same screen, allowing for enhanced observation, identification and precise shooting.

The TD contains a high-sensitivity thermal imaging detector with a resolution of 12μm pixel pitch, and NETD≤25mK and is combined with a high-performance CMOS sensor and multi-channel display. All these features guarantee the TD32/62(LRF) provides a versatile hunting experience. It’s also equipped with a thermal infrared imaging enhancement algorithm (IREA) engine, which can smooth the image of neighbouring pixels and achieve better imaging quality whilst the Visible Image Enhancement Algorithm (VLEA) develops image quality when in night vision mode.

The cutting-edge LRF (Laser Rangefinder) will revolutionize the user’s hunting experience. With an impressive range of 1000m, it delivers real-time, accurate distance measurements, empowering you with unparalleled precision for ballistic calculations.  Finally, the TD series features an 800×800 IPS ultra-high-definition circular screen providing a visual experience similar to an optical scope. This was done to offer a superior visual perception that is both more comfortable and clearer.

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FX King

The FX King synonymizes strength & power, fearing nothing but gaining adversaries just like the “King of the Jungle”.

This pneumatic rifle was built for hunting. At its core the FX King inherits the same true and tested block of the Panthera/Dynamic that’s capable of delivering a huge amount of power and energy. The FX king is an awesome pellets shooter without a doubt, but where it really excels is shooting slugs, thanks to its slug-based design and innovative valving. All while maintaining a slim and beautiful look as it sits in a custom-tailored GRS stock, just like you would expect a King to wear a fine tailored suit. It’s available in three gorgeous colour options.

With the large innovative over the barrel plenum system like you can find on other FX models the FX King can use the big volume to its advantage. Whether you want to shoot pellets or heavy slugs the FX King can handle it all while maintaining a sleek look in a traditional sporter stock. It is impossible to imagine a powerhouse like the FX king without the ability to tune it the way you want. Therefore, the quick tune system was a must and is seamlessly integrated into the ergonomic GRS rifle stock. Adjustments can be made quick, repeatable, and precise.

The FX King is a powerful and pure hunting rifle ready to dominate the hunting fields.


FX Dynamic

Meet the FX Dynamic; the power, innovation and performance of the Panthera – but geared for hunting.

The FX Dynamic is a pneumatic rifle built for more than competition. It’s a rifle that wants to hunt. Harnessing technology at the forefront of airgun performance, the FX Dynamic brings higher air capacity & configurations than its sister rifle, the competition focused FX Panthera.

Features include:

  • 2 bottle options – directly behind the action with new moulded cheek cover
  • Over-the-barrel plenum
  • Dual 45° angled manometers
  • Quick Tune System
  • Arca rail & M-Lok forend
  • High-power/short-impulse valve
  • AMP MKII regulator
  • Reversible sidelever
  • 600 & 700 models shoot slugs, 500 model shoots pellets and lightweight slugs

The Dynamic also includes a .35 caliber option that will allow up to 200 ft lbs of energy while maintaining world-class FX accuracy and precision. This purpose-built slug rifle utilizes its namesake breech block. Tuned properly the rifle will achieve low single digit standard deviations, one of just many advantages the FX Dynamic offers.