The Browning Sporting Masters Competition at Ashcombe Shooting Ground

Open to all, the Browning Sporting Masters at Ashcombe Shooting Ground, Devon, will be held on Fri 30th August - Sun 1st September.

Shot over 15 stands with 120 targets, this competition includes £15,000 worth of prize guns for 1st place in each class.


1. Do I have to shoot with an Browning shotgun?
No. You can shoot with any brand of shotgun.

2. I’m not a CPSA shooter, do I qualify for any prizes
Yes, we are running an “unclassified” category into which all non cpsa members will be added. There will be both cash prizes and also a Prize gun for the highest unclassified score.

3. How many stands is it run over
15 stands

PLEASE NOTE: This competition is being ran exclusively by Ashcombe shooting ground. For any queries please contact their team on 01626 866766 or by emailing [email protected]

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