Element Optics Accu-Lite Mounts

By Chris Parkin


I can be very critical of scope mounting solutions but have very much liked using the Accu-lite mounts from Element optics for several reasons. With the growing mass of both optics, and additional components like night vison add-ons and large, long range illuminators, reliable mounts offering assured positional control with otherwise compact, versatile dimensions, have never been more appreciated.



These Picatinny or Weaver fitting mounts are available for 30 and 34mm scope tubes and feature four T-15 Torx screws atop each ring pairing to attach the top cap clamping the tube in position, setting eye relief and rotation. The lower ring claw is fastened using a half inch hexagonal nut which at 12.7mm, is also compatible with a common UK 13mm spanner or socket. There is a tiny spring to aid parting this claw when slotting it onto a rail or separate base and is especially helpful if regularly swapping scopes with reliable return to zero. Precise torque values are specified in all locations which is a breath of fresh air in terms of simple supplied instruction booklet listing both `languages`, imperial and metric torque values are specified for easy application to your own torque wrench. This leads me on to comment on the materials and machining capability as each set begins as a solid billet of 7075-T6 Aluminium and machined into its two halves for precise match up from upper to lower with truly linear Picatinny foot alignment. Additional Stainless-Steel clamp, nut and cross bolt are added to assure continued material capability throughout, as well as long term corrosion resistance.



What stood out to me was when mounting the rings and setting up vertical position, as I tensioned each bolt sequentially in turn, I noted the lack of distortion to scope alignment and due to ultra-smooth internal anodised finish, smooth rotational control of the scope tube right up to the point where final torque values increased and it nipped up stationary. Secondary to this, the bolts ran smoothly in their threaded socket within the rings, very little effort needed to spin them into position which when finalised, allows more precise torque values to be achieved thanks to their lessened friction between both male and female threaded surfaces. Cheaper aluminium and steel is microscopically very rough, porous and this translates to less precise adjustment.



In use, the radiused corners minimise snagging everywhere from your rifle’s slip, foliage, or clothing. This tallies with 3 ring heights available in either 30 or 34mm tube sizes with precise advertised dimensions allowing you to choose the best option for your rifle and maintaining a compact overall profile, regardless of Objective size, tube length or action upper shape. Weights are also precisely stated which is a useful critical factor for competition rifles where you may have used up every spare gram already on a heavy target barrel.



Ring sizes


Low22mm, (0.87”), 113g, (4.0oz)

Medium 25mm, (0.98”), 123g, (4.3oz)

High 29mm, (1.14”), 137g, (4.8oz)



Low, 24mm, (0.94”), 117g, (4.1oz)

Medium, 27mm, (1.06”), 127g, (4.5oz)

High31mm, (1.22”), 141g, (5.0oz)


Max torque, T15 Torx, 2.8NM, (25 IN-LBS)

Max Torque, Hex bases, 7.7NM, (68 IN-LBS)