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In 1957 Luciano Rota with his wife Maria Fausti began the business that still continues today with his son-in-law Maurizio Bertolassi and his daughters Sissi and Katia. RFM Armi is a harmony of passion and craftsmanship dedicated to the manufacture of made in Italy side-by-side and over-under shotguns. Its tradition has been renewed over time and especially in recent years it is accompanied by important technical and aesthetic improvements that have allowed the company to establish itself more and more on the national and foreign market at an excellent quality / price ratio. RFM now offers a wide range of fully customized smooth or grooved bore models in order to satisfy all the needs of each individual customer - it is no coincidence that the slogan is: "Custom-made artisan guns". The continuous search for quality, combined with an excellent aesthetic taste, have given life to our creations. The essentiality of the finishes gives our shotguns a high quality and a completely unique preciousness.

When collecting your gun please provide a valid form of identification and your Shotgun Certificate. If you require more information please call us on 01392 354 854.

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