SGC and JSB Join Forces!


The SGC Group are proud to announce they will be “The UK and Irelands official importer” for JSB ammunition. A pivotal moment for the SGC, this new partnership sees the company once again confirm its place as a major supplier of airgun products.

As the UKs leading shooting sports company, SGC are excited by the innovations happening in the airgun world and see JSB ammunition as a major part of their vision moving forwards. The synergy between JSB projectiles and the groups leading products made the partnership a natural step for both companies. Through this new venture SGC and JSB hope to increase availability and product distribution to the benefit of domestic shooters.

Manufactured to unrivalled standards, JSB munitions have been the competitor’s choice for years, winning countless competitions and championships. Unrivalled in shot to shot consistency, accuracy and quality, JSB are the choice of leading manufacturers, hunters and sportsmen alike.

On the announcement, SGC Managing Director/Founder Gary Lamburn said: “SGC are proud to represent the world’s leading brand in airgun ammunition; in our experience JSB offer the best all-round performance of any pellets we have seen. Having the opportunity to invest heavily in the brand and place the product in our customers hands is really exciting! Our plan is to stock enough ammunition to accelerate the brand to new heights and fulfil every shooters needs.”


The choice of champions

Originating in 1991 under Josef Schulz a hugely successful marksman and coach, the brand began life with JSB Match Diabolo Bohumin sporting ammunition. As a competitive shooter Josef knew that the gun is only as good as the ammunition you use. This attitude to quality, and precision prompted a journey of research and development that led to JSB’ first pellets. In 2008 JSB Match Diabolo a.s bought Schulz’s company and started a new era for the brand.

Continuing the ethos of its founder, the new company built upon the brands commitment to quality and accuracy, whilst expanding the product range to meet the needs of the modern Airgunner. Now available in numerous discipline specific forms, weights and calibres, the brand has a projectile to excel in every aspect of the sport.

To ensure that every premium tin meets the JSB standard, they are subjected to a battery of tests including assessments for: Accuracy, weight, shape and uniformity, each according to the model being produced. To this end many of the pellets/slugs have stringent accuracy criteria to meet before even leaving the factory.

Such is the JSB obsession for performance and consistency that all pellets go through a handpicked quality control process, ensuring the consumer has complete confidence in the end product.

Winners of countless titles across 10m, indoor and field target disciplines, there are few pellets with the pedigree of JSB. In-fact such is the success of JSB pellets that the 2011 FT World championships saw a staggering 90% of all competitors using their Exact brand of pellets.

Because size (and weight) matters…

Unlike cheaper pellets JSB recognise that manufacturing processes and tolerance vary between gunmakers, to this end many of the products are offered in minute variations (0.01mm/0.025g). Its these variations that ensure the perfect pellet to gun fit and an unrivalled level of accuracy and performance.

A new era for the UK market

As part of the SGC’s commitment to JSB and the UK/Irish markets, the group will be including a UK identification mark so dealers and the public know they are buying the genuine/official product imported through the correct channels. Together JSB and SGC will offer unparalleled projectiles backed by exceptional customer service.

To find out how you can stock or experience the phenomenal JSB range please contact the Sportsman Gun Centre or your local gun shop.