New: Seeland Autumn Winter Collection

With the arrival of the autumn season, we often see the release of new product lines. This year is no different, with new clothing lines from some of our key brands. We thought that we would take a closer look at these new releases over the next few weeks, starting with some new lines from Seeland.

The new Seeland Autumn – Winter Collection features a wide range of new lines that cover all field sports. The new lines include Helt, Woodcock II, Dyna, Kraft and Kraft Force.

Seeland Helt

Seeland have focussed on developing the ultimate hardwearing, versatile and detailed shooting suit. Constructed with reinforced panels, Scotchard, Thinsulalate, Seetex Waterproof Membrane and intelligently designed with features such as well-placed cartridge and radio pockets, integral carry belts and quick load straps, it’s versatility is clear. Helt does not compromise.

Helt offers a complete range of clothing including the crucial waterproof jacket and trousers and accessories such as caps and gloves. The range is not just functional, it offers stylish clothing such as checked shirts in a striking red or green and the sweatshirt which is available in two designs.


Helt truly is an all-round, versatile and wide range of clothing. See the range.


Seeland Woodcock II

Much like it’s predecessor, the Woodcock II is an aesthetically classic range with modern features such as the renowned Seetex Membrane, offering total water and windproofing. Why do you have to sacrifice your modern comfort for a classic look? Woodcock II says you don’t have to!

One of the most interesting points the Woodcock II raises is it’s pledge that ‘Field sports is for everyone’. To embody this pledge, the Woodcock II range is available in both female and children’s styles and sizes, compromising on nothing.

See the whole range.


Seeland Dyna

The Dyna range is silent and hard wearing. Constructed with Scotchgard treated close-weave wool, the suit offers water-resistance and quality insulation without a membrane, meaning that you can hear the game, before it hears you.

The Dyna’s classic look and superb functionality is available in the form of jacket, trousers, fleece and cardigan.

See the whole range.


Seeland Kraft and Kraft Force

The Kraft and Kraft force ranges are Seeland’s tough guys. Kraft is a shooting suit in a loud orange blaze and pitched as the ideal suit for wild boar hunting and dog handling. It features a waterproof Seetex Membrane and is reinforced to offer a rugged and reliable suit.

Kraft Force is the toughest shooting suit ever created by Seeland and is designed for those heavy trudges through dense undergrowth. Constructed with extra hard-wearing Ripstop fabric, waterproof Seetex Membrane and featuring reinforced panels, the Kraft Force suit truly is a force to be reconned with.

Both ranges offer jackets and trousers and Kraft Force offers a fleece jacket.

See the whole range.


One of the side effects of new lines from our key brands is that old lines become clearance lines. So check out our clearance Seeland clothing for a bargain!

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