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    Give Yourself the Hunting Edge With HSF Stealth Hunting Clothing

    hsf stealthWhen it comes to shooting success, hunting clothing that allows you to seamlessly blend into your surroundings is the thing you should consider before anything else.

    At Sportsman Gun Centre we stock a huge range of hunting and shooting clothing, and understand that the most important attributes any experienced huntsman looks for in outdoor hunting clothing, whether out shooting or stalking, are good levels of camouflage, practicability, resistance to the elements and, of course, comfort.

    New HSF Stealth camouflage hunting clothing range

    Equipping yourself with camouflage hunting clothing that incorporates the best in new fabric technology, comfort and design does not have to cost you a small fortune.

    Sportsman Gun Centre is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest range of hunting clothing from cutting-edge manufacturers HSF, and some very special introductory price offers to go with it.

    The Stealth range of outdoor hunting clothing features specially developed S-Tex (Synthetic Fabric Technology), which provides weather protection and flexibility combined with ease of movement, and due to its unique construction it is also breathable, hardwearing and machine washable.

    The S-Tex fabric is printed with the latest RS4 HD camouflage design which has been specifically developed for woodland use. This unique, high definition camouflage pattern features true to life colours, textures and shapes and is ideal for both shooting from standing or when seeking to remain hidden on the ground.

    By using a unique blend of enhanced synthetic fibres, HSF has created a fabric that boasts a 100% waterproof membrane and a 100% windproof shell. This allows the wearer to remain comfortable and shielded, however wild the elements get.

    Special offers on HSF Stealth camo hunting jackets, hunting trousers and suits

    For anyone looking to get completely kitted out from head to toe, the HSF Stealth Suit is outstanding value at a special introductory half price offer of just £69.99.

    The suit consists of a Stealth HD camouflage jacket, Stealth camo trousers, Stealth camo balaclava and Stealth camo gloves.

    However, if you are just looking to add to your existing hunting and shooting clothing, you can buy the various components, all featuring the unique S-Tex fabric and HD camouflage design, separately in a full range of sizes from small to 3XL.

    Sportsman Gun Centre’s special offer extends to individual items in the HSF Stealth Camouflage Hunting Clothing range, with Stealth camo hunting jackets and trousers being offered at just £34.99 and Stealth camo gloves or camo Balaclavas just £5.99 each.

    The Stealth range also includes S-Tex and HD camouflage Bib and Braces, also at £34.99.

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