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    ACCU-RANGE™ RETICLE As one of the first with bullet drop compensation, Redfield's original Accu-Range™ pioneered the reticles we take for granted today. The new Accu-Range blends precise holdover points hunters need with a bold center that naturally leads the eye for fast shot placement at close quarters.

    The reticle comes with precise aiming points that work with most popular hunting loads. For many standard cartridges, sight in at 200 yards with the center crosshair, and the remaining hold points are dialed in up to 500 yards. The bottom of the circle intersects the vertical crosshair at the 300-yard aim point, the dot is your hold for 400 yards, and the bottom post provides a 500-yard aiming point. For faster, magnum-caliber rifles shooting light bullets, you can sight in at 300 yards, and have hold points for 400, 500, and 600 yards.

    4-PLEX RETICLE Heavy posts jump from the background, while guiding the eye to the image center quickly. Thin crosshairs allow precision placement of your shot.

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