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    Shooting Times (14th April 2010), Alistair Balmain has reviewed the TETRA GUN VICE which we stock. Here is what he said.

    tatra viseOverview:

    8/10 - Organises your gun cleaning (£58.99)

    Full Review:

    I am always nervous of clattering my barrels on an already crowded workbench when I clean my gun and often find that I end up resting the gun on top of a roll of patches, or
    propping it on the edge of a travel case. Not the cleverest moves with such an expensive piece of kit. This is where the Tetra Gun vice comes in. If you’re cleaning your shotgun or rifle — especially your rifle — having two hands free and a safe place to put working parts down is very useful. The easily operated clamp holds your gun in place firmly and the rubber contact points prevent accidental damage.

    Please see the image for the actual article. To request your copy of shooting times please visit the following link. Or alternatively go into your local news agents.

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