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MEOPTA Meostar R1 1-4x22

£430.83 exc vat £517.00

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MEOPTA MEOSTAR R1 1-4x22 - The Meostar R1 RD 1-4x22 model with illuminated K Dot reticle is designed for hunting under difficult, low light daylight conditions (at maximum intensity, the dot illumination is visible in sunny weather with snow cover).  With magnification set on 1 power and the reticle illuminated the riflescope may be used as a short range, close in sighting device, by allowing the user to keep both eyes open.  This allows a clear, substantially improved view of what is happening in the surrounding field of view.  With the knob on the left side of the elevation turret, the intensity level can be changed from 1-7, (with 7 being the brightest).  In addition to 7 different intensity levels we have also provided an off position (signified by a dot) between each level. This allows the illumination to be switched on and off and returned to the original level with a minimum effort.  The service life of the original CR2354 battery is roughly 80 continuous hours.  A more readily available CR 2032 battery may also be used however the service life is only about 60 continuous hours. 



Dioptric Range of Eyepiece

+3 dpt



Min Adjustment Range cm/100m


Field of View  m/100m




Eye Relief




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