Spuhr Rings & Bases

Considered by many as the "only way" to mount long long range optics, Spuhr Mounts have been carefully developed from original drawings all the way through to production, with the aim of creating a product that secures your optics with zero movement and also allows the shooter easy access to the turrets. In fact the Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS) has been developed so that the shooter can read the turret markings with minimal movement from the shooting position.

Machined from 7075 T651 billet aluminum for the majority of the mounts - the Spuhr product is guaranteed to be lightweight and extremely strong, to the point where the materials outperforms construction steel in many tests.

Installation has also been considered as part of the design process. At the rear of most Spuhr mounts there is spirit level for perfecting alignment and in the box is a 10-degree “wedge” to helps the user align the erector housing of the optic to the bridge of the mount.

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