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The Angle shooting indicator is used to aid outdoor rifle shooters faced with an incline or decline shot due to terrain.Any change in the point of impact will affect the angle of perceived drop. In simple terms as shooters generally think that if you are shooting up or down hill then the bullet will drop more or less than if we were shooting across a flat field. However this isnt true as most novice shooters will generally shoot higher on the target than you expect if you havent taken gravity into account. Thankfully angle degree indicators takes all of the guess work out of shooting up or down hill.The instant readouts of an angle indicator allows the rifleman to work out with ease the point of impact of the round and increases the levels of accuracy instantly.

If you don't see the angle indicator that you're looking for, we can usually source it for you and we'll always endeavour to beat any competitor's price - please call us on 01392 354 854.

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