• The return of the Perazzi Open Day - June 9th 2018

    The 9th of June will see the return of an extra-special event at The Sportsman Gun Centre store in Exeter. Perazzi representative Philip Unwin will be returning to help host our Perazzi Open Day.

    Perazzi manufacture high-grade precision shotguns in Brescia Italy. They create a wide variety of shotguns, including models for hunting and competition, ranging from standard to deluxe models. As well as their superior quality, Perazzi uniquely offer the option of a fully bespoke gun. They allow you to choose the model, engraving and even the wood for the stock. The bespoke Perazzi experience can even include a tour of their factory in Italy.

    At Sportsman Gun Centre we understand, that although you probably would really like to, not everyone can take a trip to Italy for the full bespoke experience. So we brought it to our Exeter store for a special, one day only, open day.

    On the day both Perazzi representatives and the Sportsman team, will be offering gun fitting and advice for your custom Perazzi order. We will also be displaying our vast range of Perazzi guns from standard MX12’s, through to SCO Extra models as well as offering huge savings across current line, premium clothing.

    Discounts include:

    20% off Guardian
    20% off Deerhunter
    10% off Musto
    10% off Seeland
    10% off Harkilia
    10% off Beretta Skeet Vests
    A further 10% Off Pilla  Shooting Glasses


    The Open Day will be running through the usual store hours, from 9:00 am to 5 pm.

    The Sportsman Gun Centre
    19 Apple Lane
    Trade City
    EX2 5GL

    9:00 – 17:00 – 09/06/18

  • Game Fair Show Stoppers - Your Preview to The Sportsmans Stand

    SGC Show Stoppers a Game Fair Preview for 2017

    Game Fair 2017, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, Stand F815 Gunmakers Row

    After a furlough year the Sportsman Gun Centre are proud to be making a return to the National Game Fair, with a lorry load of new products, new brands and old favourites!

    Not ones to rest idle the SGC have spent the last 24 months working tirelessly to improve their portfolio, with a view to making the 2017 Game Fair their biggest yet.
    Below is a list of some of the treats their customers can look forward to:

    ATA Shotguns
    With a slogan of “Aim For The Best”, ATA  are a Turkish gun company with a reputation for building affordable shotguns that equal and exceed the specifications of guns twice their price.   ATA customers can expect to find expertly built and beautifully finished over unders and semi-auto shotguns from just £474.99.

    At the SGC stand Wildfowlers and Pigeon shooters will find a variety of well-built ATA Venza Semi-Autos, equipped with GPCS and barrel moving technology.  Both innovations combine to give a perfect blend of performance and appearance.
    And for the Game/Clay shooters there is the SP range of over unders.  Built around a compact low profile action and fitted with multi choke barrels there is a gun to suit most applications.   The SP range is available in 4 different finishes, Black, Bronze, Nickel and the engraved Elegance, which benefits from scroll engraved sideplates and grade 2 walnut.
    Find out more at the SGC stand, where representatives from ATA will be on hand to answer question and assist potential customers.
    And if you are a useful shot why not try your hand down at the clay line, where ATA will be supplying the competition prizes.

    A relative new comer to the UK shooting scene, Kofs are a Turkish gun company who pride themselves on creating innovative, affordable shotguns made to a standard that far exceeds their price tag.   Not just “Another Turkish Gun Company” customers can expect lavish engravings, ejectors, 5 interchangeable chokes and quality oil finished Turkish walnut all for just £474.99 (Sceptre SXe over under).   And for the small gauge fans there are .410 and 28 gauge models both finished to exceptional standards.

    Accuracy International
    For those in-the-know; Accuracy International are a brand that need little introduction.  Possibly the “Best Sniper Rifles in the World”, this British brand has been pushing distance and accuracy standards since their launch in the late 1970s.   A staple long range weapon for Police Marksmen and Special Forces around the world, the AX and AT Rifle systems represent the finest standards of accuracy, repeatability and durability.   With a reputation that stretches across nearly 40 years - Accuracy International has found favour with many target shooters, especially the ones looking to push the boundaries of their shooting.

    In addition to full blown precision rifles, AI offers an option for those looking to upgrade their Remington 700. This product takes the form of chassis systems designed to transform the Remington 700 barrel and action into an incredible target rifle.  We advise rifle fans to visit the SGC, where they will have the opportunity to find out just how good a UK built rifle can be!

    Boyds Hardwood Gun Stocks
    Yet another addition to the Sportsmans range; Boyds are a world-famous stock maker who make gun stocks for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers.  Constructed with laminated hardwoods, Boyds American made stocks are both colourful and expertly crafted.

    The unique attention to detail seen in every Boyds stock, ensures rifle accuracy is maintained and in many cases improved.  Ergonomics are another part of the company’s mantra, with every stock designed to fit comfortably in the hand and provide a stable shooting platform for the marksman.  To summarise these stock are a great choice for any shooter looking to upgrade or customise their rifle platform, prices start at just: £195.99.

    Delta Optical
    A relative newcomer to the Sportsmans portfolio - Delta Optical, represent a revelation in optics design.  Filling an entry level - mid-range sector of the market, Delta offer high quality scopes and optics at attainable prices.  With rifle scopes ranging from smaller 1-5.8x24 through to the competition ready 5-50x56 models this Polish brand have a rifle scope for most applications. With features like, high definition ED glass, illuminated rangefinding reticles and external adjustments these optics are already building a following within the UK.

    Their binoculars are another product that are worth a look with the Forrest II starting at just £143.99!  For this price the customer gets BAK4 Prisms, High Definition phase coated optics, water/fog proofing and a 5 year warranty.  To find out more visit the Sportsman stand where a member of staff will be happy to talk you through our range.

    Spuhr Mounts
    The latest addition to the SGC catalogue are Spuhr Tactical mounts.  Amongst the finest mounts on the market, Spuhr have been added to the SGC range as an accompaniment to their precision rifles.

    Spuhrs flagship ISMS range are Mil-Spec one piece mounts, precision machined with a 45 degree split. This specific design ensures the rifle scope is always 100% secured, with zero movement.  For usability an angular design has been specified to provide a clear line of sight for scopes with external adjustments.
    To maximise the effectiveness of the rifle scope and mount combination, Spuhr have equipped every ISMS with a built in spirit level and mounting kit. And the attention to detail doesn’t end there…..

    Recognising that in-the-field, secondary sights and optical accessories are often essential  - every mount is designed to accept red dot sights and additional rails/mounts, this means the shooter never has to mount their accessories to the primary optic.  Mounts are available in numerous heights and tube diameters to fit most platforms, for the long distance shooter there are various degrees of tilt from 0Mil to 16 Mil (50 MOA).

    Once again a focal point for the Sportsman Gun Centre stand, there will be a chance to check out the SGC’s Premier optics range.  This year will see a focus on the new range of ATACR F1 rifle scopes with the flagship 7-35x56 F1 given top billing.  This extraordinary new scope combines an incredible field of view, with a large magnification range and the industries finest internal mechanisms.  The 7-35x56 scope has been built to exceed the capabilities of today’s modern precision rifles.  Fitted with High definition ED glass and a first focal plane reticle, the ATACR makes quick work of target acquisition and provides staggering levels of accuracy across the whole magnification range.

    In addition to the ATACR, the Nightforce counter will also be showcasing the UK’s Exclusive SHV 3-12x56, a rifle scope built to meet the demands of British shooters.  A Nightforce in every sense of the word the SHV is a stripped down version of its more expensive siblings, built to the same quality.

    So what makes the SHV so special?  Well the answer to that is quite literally simple, by cutting out the overbuilt characteristics of its bigger siblings and replacing the external adjustments (Windage/Elevation) with capped adjustments  Nightforce have been able to get the retail price down to just £677.99.  However for the cost saving this is still a scope worthy of the Nightforce brand; for your hard earned cash you get a scope built with Nightforce Glass, Nightforce Components, Nightforce Reticles and a build quality worthy of the Nightforce name.  If it wasn’t good enough it would not be brand Nightforce.

    Complementing the Nightforce showcase will be two of the companies most senior figures, both of whom will be flying in from the USA to meet and greet the Sportsmans customers.  On hand all weekend the team will be available to discuss the advantages of Nightforce optics.

    Strasser Rifles
    For those looking for a premium rifle, in-particular a straight-pull rifle, the SGC have some of the finest in Europe.  Built with an obsessive attention to detail; Strasser rifles feature a smooth and refined bolt throw, expertly crafted stocks and removable hand adjustable triggers - all of which combine with devastating effect.  Accurate and fast shooting, every Strasser boasts a high end Lothar Walther barrel and an expertly crafted stock.
    Available in different levels finish Strasser rifles can be purchased in single calibre, multi calibre and tactical configurations.

    Steyr Mannlicher
    As the Sportsmans marquee rifle brand and one of Austrias most famous gun makers, the SGC will be proudly showcasing a full portfolio of rifles.  Set to be the star of this year’s show the SGC will unveil the latest additions to the Steyr Mannlicher range: the Zephyr and the Scout RFR.  As many rifle enthusiast will know, Steyr have not offered a rimfire for many years..  That is until now!

    Built on a classically styled walnut stock, the Zephyr brings Steyr Mannlicher precision to the small calibre market.  Taking its cues from its bigger siblings the Zephyr features a tang mounted safety, a single stage trigger and fish scale chequering.  In addition to the Zephyr, Steyr  Mannlicher will be launching the Scout RFR, a Biathlon style rimfire based on their popular centrefire platform, built with a direct trigger and polycarbonate stock, this rifle is built to withstand all you can throw at it.  To find out more about these new rimfires and the rest of the Steyr Mannlicher range visit the SGC stand on Gunmakers row.

    RFM Shotguns
    Whilst the Over and Under is by far the most popular game gun, the side by side has always had it supporters.
    Recognising this fact and also that the market didn’t have a quality, affordable option, the Sportsman Gun Centre have looked to fill the gap.  Italian made, by gun makers RFM Armi, the Luxus and Luxus sideplate are hand finished traditionally styled side by sides, that start at just £1,399.99. At half the price of its Italian competitors, customers can expect quality hand finished walnut, scroll engraved actions, fixed choke barrels and a single trigger configuration.
    Built to the standard you would expect from a small family run gunmaker, the Luxus models exudes quality and proves that you do not have to pay huge sums to own an elegant and capable game gun.

    An American brand that is growing in reputation, Weatherby offer a fantastic range of rifles that are both affordable and extremely competent.  Boasting an out of the box sub MOA accuracy, cold hammer forged barrels and a match grade adjustable trigger – you can see why they’re becoming the working man’s choice.
    Built to last the Weatherby rifle makes a great doner gun for Boyds stocks.  So for those working on a budget, it’s worth considering that you can start your custom rifle project for just under: £800.00!!  To find out more, visit the SGC stand where you can find details on Boyds stocks and guns from Weatherby.

    Revo Shotguns
    The SGC’s most comprehensive range of budget shotguns is once again on display at the Game Fair.  Starting at just £250, there is a Revo for most sectors of the shotgun market - whether you are a Game, Clay or Wildfowl shooter, there is a gun to meet your requirements.  Available in 12G, 20G, 28G and .410, the SGC and Revo have a gun for you.  If you are looking for a budget shotgun, there is no better place to start than the Sportsman Gun Centre stand.

  • Christmas Opening Hours 2016


    The Sportsman Gun Centre would like to wish all our customers old and new a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    For those travelling to our stores over the festive period we would like you to be aware of our Christmas opening hours.  Please see details below:

    Exeter Store
    Friday 23rd Dec: 9.30am - 5pm
    Saturday 24th Dec: 9.30am - 2pm
    Sunday 25th Dec: Closed
    Monday 26th Dec: Closed
    Tuesday 27th Dec: Closed
    Weds 28th-Fri 30th Dec: 9.30am - 5pm
    Saturday 31st Dec: 9.30am - 5pm
    Sunday 1st Jan: Closed
    Monday 2nd Jan: Closed
    Tuesday 3rd Jan: 9.30am - 5pm
    Dorset Store
    Friday 23rd Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Saturday 24th Dec: 9am - 2pm
    Sunday 25th Dec: Closed
    Monday 26th Dec: Closed
    Tuesday 27th Dec: Closed
    Weds 28th-Fri 30th Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Saturday 31st Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Sunday 1st Jan: Closed
    Monday 2nd Jan: Closed
    Tuesday 3rd Jan: 9am - 5.30pm
    Newport Store
    Friday 23rd Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Saturday 24th Dec: 9am - 2pm
    Sunday 25th Dec: Closed
    Monday 26th Dec: Closed
    Tuesday 27th Dec: Closed
    Weds 28th Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Thursday 29th Dec: 9am - 7pm
    Fri 30th Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Saturday 31st Dec: 9am - 5.30pm
    Sunday 1st Jan: Closed
    Monday 2nd Jan: Closed
    Tuesday 3rd Jan: 9am - 5.30pm
  • A Celebration of all things Game and Country – The Sportsmans Black Friday Open Day.


    Event Date: 25th November 2016 – Opening Hours: 9.30am – 8pm
    Location: Sportsman Gun Centre, Exeter Branch, 19 Apple Lane, EX2 5GL

    The Sportsman Gun Centre will once again host an open day, where customers old and new are invited to join us in a social setting to celebrate all things game and country.  The event will be held at our biggest store: 19 Apple Lane, Exeter, on Friday 25th November 2016 and will feature many of the industry’s biggest names, not to mention our BLACK FRIDAY deals.

    On hand to answer your questions and demonstrate their latest products will be representatives from many of the industry’s biggest names, alongside leading figures from BASC.  As the country’s leading voice on all things shooting, the BASC team will be available to answer your questions and offer friendly advice to help you get the most from your sport.

    BASC will be bringing there acclaimed shooting simulator with experts on hand to hone your shooting skills.  Enjoy shooting grouse on the moors, pheasant above the Devon hills or challenging clay’s on the virtual clay ground, the simulator is a great way to see where you are going wrong….  and a bit of fun too.

    In addition to our friends at BASC there will also be demonstrations and advice from big named brands like Beretta, Browning, Swarovski, Perazzi, Pro-Shock, Pulsar, Yukon, Land Rover and More.  Alongside these brands we will also have in-house experts demonstrating the latest’s wares from Steyr Mannlicher, Strasser, Weatherby, Baikal, Revo, Nightforce and Lightforce.

    So should you be in the market for a new gun, have questions about the latest night vision or simply wish to see what’s new in the industry, there will be a leading professional on hand.

    And now for those deals……
    As with every Sportsman event there will be deals, savings and promotional offers, some of them so good we cannot even advertise!!!  And with it being BLACK FRIDAY these deals are set to be even bigger and better than ever.   At this stage all we can say is…  there will be savings on Seeland, Harkila, Musto, Nightforce, Browning, Beretta and more.  Keep your eyes on our social media, blog, emails and print advertising for more information.

    Finally let’s not forget the guns…
    As industry leaders for over 20 years and with some of the biggest gun racks in the trade; shooters on the day will have access to over 1,000 guns on display and over 3,000 guns in-stock.  So why not treat yourself this Christmas.

    So… If you’re in the area, visiting friends, or making a specific visit…  Please come and join the SGC and friends for refreshments, a chat and some pre-Christmas laughs.

    For More information please call: 01392 354 854. or email info@sportsmanguncentre.com

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