FX EZ-Shot Chair: Review

FX EZ-Shot Shooting Chair

By Chris Parkin


All shooting accessories can be somewhat situationally dependant and fit quite unique scenarios and the FX EZ-Shot chair certainly brings comfort in some of the more sedentary situations.


The EZ-Shot is a two-part light folding tubular assembly you can carry into location with a padded shoulder strap. The steel frame folds open with thick foam padded cushions on seat and back rest to remain in position, close to the ground allowing long waits over known quarry hot spots or bait stations, especially when controlling vermin. The junction from back to seat can be adjusted at the hinge to suit your preferred angle, pretty much like that of a car seat. As well as comfort, the EZ-Shot also offers a versatile rest for the other critical component, your rifle. The `Y` shaped yoke features firm rubber fins for grip of the forend or precharged air bottle’s underside, with a pistol grip below whose trigger allows for fast and silent vertical height adjustment. Overall angle and height is set with a toggle lever between your knees at primary setup, becoming a single foot at the front. Combining this with the broader under seat base at the rear, effectively offers the intrinsic stability of a tripod so once in position, never wobbles or rattles as you necessarily must shuffle slightly adapting to the shooting angles offered by quarry.


I used the chair for Squirrel control aiming high up, and ground level Ratting, nestled low in the crook of some bales and the EZ-Shot certainly gave me a comfortable vantage point with extremely low profile and silhouette to the ground. Although I removed a screening net for photos, you can see how at less than 9.7 lbs/4.4 kg, the addition of a lightweight net will totally screen you from view. With the front rest incorporated with the EZ-Shot, you can actually `travel light`, without undue additional supporting kit. It’s also important to state the additional insulation from the ground, not so bad in the Autumn but critical for additional comfort in winter night forays.


There may well be many scenarios where you can build an improvised seating location behind a hide from items scattered around the average farmyard, but sometimes it’s great to be a bit more dynamic and move without additional work and noise during assembly and as you shuffle seated in situ waiting. The triangulated layout delivers a stable shooting platform if shooting using your knees as a rest, yet if squirrel feeders are higher into the trees, the silent manoeuvrability of the Aluminium yoke is incredibly helpful, just as much as it can be for low down shots, the mechanical adjustment range will span more than your own comfort. Overall size when folded for transport is 28.5” x 13.5” x 7” (724mm x 350mm x 180mm) and rated for a max load of 250lbs (18 stone)/114kg. I was a little doubtful at first of carrying the chair but when I find myself sat in greater comfort and not in damp farmyard ground debris, with an incorporated rest for accurate shooting at most angles, I was converted and now savour new opportunities using the FX Setup.



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Photo Captions:
1. FX EZ Shot chair in use for squirrels high above the ground, the rest is a superb factor (camo net removed for photo)
2. Silent rotation and elevation control from the yoke’s trigger is immediately appreciated
3. Three main contact points can be used to intrinsically isolate any instability
4. Broad webbing strap is great for carriage on an already lightweight unit

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