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    benchNightforce offers a wide range of sophisticated reticles that maximize the effectiveness of our riflescopes. While many scope companies treat reticles as an afterthought, each Nightforce reticle is designed for ultimate performance within specific applications. This is the only way to acheive the highest degree of repeatable, predictable accuracy possible…making your choice of reticle almost as important as your choice of riflescope.

    Illumination is standard on all Nightforce reticles.

    Nightforce parallax adjustment and reticle illumination control is located on the left side of the scope. Pulling out the adjustment activates reticle illumination, while turning the adjustment alone adjusts parallax. It is a patented system only from Nightforce. On fixed-parallax Nightforce scopes, the left-side adjustment controls illumination only.

    CH1 - Benchrest

    Subtension of .036 moa, selected after extensive research to give competitors a reticle highly suited for benchrest competition. Unobstructed field of view allows shooter to observe wind flags.

    CH2 - High-power competition

    Designed for long-range, high-power competition. .200 moa dot on a .036 moa crosshair (at 22x). Dot is calibrated for scored shooting on NRA high-power targets. This is the choice of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit.

    CH3 - Benchrest

    Extremely fine crosshair and floating dot permits compensation for mirage and wind conditions in 1 moa increments. Allows bracketing of bullseye while maintaining center aim point.


    Most American shooters are accustomed to reticles located in the second focal plane of a scope. In this configuration, the viewed reticle size remains unchanged at all magnifications. For most applications this is preferred, and indeed most Nightforce scopes utilize the second focal plane location. A first focal plane reticle remains in the same visual proportion to the target across the scope’s entire magnification range, making it especially appropriate with rangefinding reticles. Combined with nightforce highly tactile and intuitive adjustments, it makes for a scope that is extremely quick, accurate, responsive and utterly reliable.

    Illumination is standard on all Nightforce reticles.

    Nightforce parallax adjustment and reticle illumination control is located on the left side of the scope. Pulling out the adjustment activates reticle illumination, while turning the adjustment alone adjusts parallax. It is a patented system only from Nightforce. On fixed-parallax Nightforce scopes, the left-side adjustment controls illumination only.

    NP-RF1, MLR2, MD2, LV.5, Horus H-58

    f1 ret

    All the above reticles have been newly designed to maximise effectiveness of the first focal plane. All are available with Nightforce's 3.5-15x50 F1 Scope which comes with a set of their superb Ultralite rings as standard.

  • The Nightforce Bullet Hole Scope Story

    bulletholeNightforce scopes are subjected to abuse during product development that would quickly destroy lesser optics. Preproduction scopes are tested in a pressure tank simulating 100 feet of water for 24 hours, ensuring absolute waterproof integrity. They test thermal stability by freezing them to -80o F, then heating them to 200o F within a one-hour period. Function is checked at both temperature extremes. Recoil and impact are tested at 1,250 Gs for both positive and negative forces.

    Before it is shipped to a customer, every scope is completely inspected and checked at 70 to 130 different points, depending on the model. A battery of tests, including forward impact, side impact, tracking accuracy and resolution integrity. These are but a few of the steps nightforce take to insure absolute quality before any scope leaves their facility.

    Whatever you think you might do to your scope, chances are They’ve already done it.

    The hole you see in the well used Nightforce 3.5-15 x 50 NXS scope (Main Image) was made by an enemy 7.62x39 round fired at a U.S. soldier. The bullet completely penetrated the erector tube which is the heart of the scope's optical system. We’re happy to report that the soldier was not injured, and the only casualty is the scope's magnification ring, frozen on 15x. Its focus, tracking, and all other functions work just fine. It still holds point of aim like new. The soldier wrapped the scope in duct tape to keep out sand and dirt, and used it without a problem for the next three days, completing his mission.

    Nightforce receive many stories like this. Since Nightforce riflescopes are used in active theatres by most of the elite special forces worldwide, they are subjected to and survive the most brutal conditions imaginable. Nightforce aren't saying they're scopes are bulletproof but there is at least one soldier, however, who would argue otherwise.



    Nightforce Reticles - Ballistic


    Professional, military and competition shooters have long appreciated the precision made possible by sophisticated ballistic reticles, especially at extreme ranges. But, for the hunter—or for any shooter for whom time is of the essence traditional ballistic reticle designs are often too complicated, cumbersome, cluttered and slow for effective use in the field. Not any more.

    Nightforce's Velocity reticles solve the basic problems that have historically plagued the hunter when presented with a long shot. Now, there’s no guessing. No difficult calculations. No estimating holdover. No counting elevation adjustments. Once you’ve determined the range to your target, simply choose the appropriate elevation/windage mark and hold dead on. They’re up to twice as fast as ordinary ballistic reticles.

    Tailored for your rifle and your Load

    Some manufacturers tout “one-size-fitsall” ballistic reticle designs that require you to dial down your magnification (not a good idea when shooting at longer ranges), in an attempt to match their reticle’s configuration to your rifle… hardly a recipe for speed or precision. Nightforce's Velocity reticles are offered in several configurations based upon the muzzle velocity and caliber of your rifle. Virtually every modern rifle cartridge will mesh perfectly with one of our Velocity series with minimal point-of-impact deviation.

    The online calculator allows you to enter your chosen load’s details. It instantly tells you which Velocity reticle is appropriate for your rifle, and provides an optimum sight-in distance to maximize your bullet’s trajectory. Sight in your rifle according to these recommendations, and you won’t have to worry about holdover again.

    Velocity 600 and 1000

    Nightforce Velocity reticles are offered in two basic styles: with 600 yard calibrations for our 2.5-10 x 32 NXS Compact scopes, and with 1000-yard calibrations for our 3.5-15x and 5.5-22x NXS scopes. Like other Nightforce reticles, illumination is standard. In addition to holdover markings, windage compensation in 5 and 10 mph increments (up to 15 mph on the 1000 yard version) is clearly indicated.


    Sportsman Gun Centre stock a vast range of Deerhunter hunting clothing for all your needs. Deerhunter have been producing hunting garments since 1927 and are supplying outdoor clothing in over 30 countries. They have kept themselves bang up to date, providing quality high-technical garments for hunting and outdoor pursuits. The original Deerhunter concept remains unchanged – Deerhunter are a brand that always makes the customer feel they are getting value for money and with the reductions at Sportsman Gun Centre you can get even more value for your money.

    Hunting Clothing that won’t break the budget

    You don’t have to have a big budget to kit yourself out for your hunting Outdoors.

    The Deerhunter range of coats and jackets, trousers, shirts and accessories feature the latest DeerTex waterproof, breathable, and windproof membrane that is both removable and machine washable.

    Deerhunter’s extensive line of shooting jackets, fleeces, polo shirts, salopettes, overalls, trousers and accessories come in a range of designs, from plain and elegant to camouflage. Hunting Garments are either designed as all-purpose or specifically for a particular pursuit.

    Deerhunter Hunting Jackets and coats to fend off the weather and keep you warm

    At Sportsman we have a variety of Deerhunter coats and Jackets ranging from £28 - £175 depending on your needs. The Deerhunter Pacha Jacket, available in green or camo, is currently reduced to £28.99 (RRP £78.99), that’s a saving of £50! Made from Deerhunter’s trademark DeerTex membrane, this is one of the most popular products in the range. The Pacha Jacket provides you with everything you’d expect from an outdoor hunting jacket at an amazing price. At Sportsman we also stock ponchos, so if its camouflage your needing take a look at the Deerhunter Sneaky 3D Poncho, currently on sale at £52.08 (RRP£65.00)

    Hunting Trousers to protect you from the wind and the rain

    Any outdoorsman knows how important it is to ensure that you keep your legs warm and dry, especially as hunting can take you through undergrowth and over rough terrain in pursuit of your prey. Deerhunter design all their trousers with practicality and comfort in mind, with the DeerTex membrane being key to their success. At Sportsman we offer variety and choice in order to give you the opportunity to find the right garment for your hunting and outdoor pursuits. Currently prices range from £17 - £115, some of which have a reduction of over £30.

    The all-important finishing touches to your outdoor hunting wardrobe

    Whether it is braces or belts to keep your trousers on, gloves or hats to keep you warm, face nets to aid camouflage or even underwear, Sportsman have ensured we stock them all in our Deerhunter range. DeerHunter Stretcha Gloves have been created for a multitude of hunting scenarios and designed to give optimum camouflage. These are currently selling for £4!

    All of Deerhunter’s products are tested to ensure their quality and suitability for hunting, giving you peace of mind knowing this is a brand that can be relied upon. At Sportsman Gun Centre we can kit you out from head to toe with inflation and recession beating prices without reducing the quality, just the price!


    Any experienced hunter knows how crucial it is to be able to spot and stalk timid animals from a distance. Not only do animals have a highly developed sense of smell, they also have exceptional hearing and sight; keeping your distance whilst stalking is a must.

    Sportsman Gun Centre supply a comprehensive range of Binoculars essential for stalking wild game

    We understand that your choice of binocular is personal and we aim to provide a varied selection based upon both cost and technical ability. Whilst stalking animals some prefer a lighter weight basic model, whilst others prefer the greater flexibility that a more robust and technical binocular provide.

    Choose from our wide range including Swarovski, Zeiss, Leica and Bushnell Binoculars


    Sportsman Gun Centre are a premium dealer for Swarovski, a company synonymous with creating the Habicht 7x42 in 1949, a binocular that is still an industry standard within the field. Today the prize winning Swarovski Optik Pocket 8x20 Binocular with its 16 lens system ensuring a large field of view and bright high contrast images, shows Swarovski are still ahead of the game. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more advanced pair of binoculars for stalking, the Swarovski EL 10x42 Swarovisionencompasses an unequalled image quality with a 100% field of vision for spectacle wearers and has enhanced coatings on the lenses and prisms that guarantee lifelike colour reproduction. With the added benefit of Swarovski’s Swaroclean coating creating a non-stick effect on the lenses, these binoculars will remain sharp and clear no matter what the stalking conditions are.


    Zeiss have been producing high quality optical lenses for over 100 years and Sportsman Gun Centre is proud to be a Zeiss Sub Distributor, stocking a comprehensive range of Zeiss Binoculars and rangefinders. The Zeiss Conquest 8x20 Compact is an ultra-light, high performance binocular ideal for all round use, including stalking. If you are looking for something more suited to hunting or stalking at dawn or dusk the Zeiss Victory 10x56 range finding binocular has unrivalled low light performance.


    Leica are constantly pioneering technological advances in optical and sports equipment. The Geovid, Trinovid, Duovid and Ultravid ranges are a core part of Sportsman Gun Centre’s selection online.

    The range starts from the compact Leica Trinovid 8x20, delivering excellent optical performance, whilst being lightweight and compact enough to be carried anywhere. At the other end of the spectrum we have the Leica Duovid 10 + 15x50, the only high performance binoculars to offer a choice of two magnifications, giving the user of an overview or fine detail observation.


    At Sportsman we carry several models in the Bushnell range from the lightweight, yet powerful Bushnell Powerview 10x42 Roof currently retailing at £59.99 (RRP £130.00) to the ultimate in efficiency, the Bushnell Fusion 10x42 1600 Arc Laser Rangefinder. These are the ultimate for stalking prey and currently retail at £703.99 (RRP £999.99) an incredible saving.

    Sportsman Gun Centre stock all kinds of shooting and hunting optics, items include: gun scopes, rifle scopes, hunting binoculars, the best spotting scopes, night vision scopes, scope mounts, range finding optics and much more, and all at low prices.


    Sportsman Gun Centre carry a wide and varied range of rifle scopes for hunting, stalking, pest control and target shooting. In this article we look at some of the options.

    Carl Zeiss Duralyt

    Sportsman Gun Centre is a sub distributer for Zeiss and stock 3 scopes from this keenly priced range including the Zeiss Duralyt 2-8x42. This is a short and sleek scope able to provide superbly clear visuals in twilight and optimum medium range magnification to distances of over 200m, making it the perfect budget choice of experienced hunters operating in varied terrains, when varminting and stalking.

    Carl Zeiss Diavari

    The Zeiss Diavari 2.5-10x50 stocked by Sportsman Gun Centre has variable magnification and is available with many different reticles. Illuminated reticles for twilight conditions are available, making this scope a good choice for varminting and stand hunting at night over reasonable distances.

    Swarovski Z4i

    Sportsman Gun Centre are a premium Swarovski dealer and stock a wide variety of Swarovski rifle scopes including the Swarovski Z4i 2.5-10x56 rifle scope which has excellent light-gathering properties and won’t let you down, even in twilight conditions: The ideal rifle scope for varminting and stalking in adverse lighting conditions. The outstanding optics and accurate, illuminated reticles make the Z4i the ideal rifle scope for demanding beginners and all hunters who require an extremely lightweight, high-performance rifle scope with 4x zoom for everyday varminting, stalking and hunting.

    Swarovski Z6i

    The SWAROVSKI Z6 2. 5-15X56 II P L is a popular choice for hunting in poor light conditions. The 2.5x zoom offers an effective range of use from a field of view suitable for stalking at closer ranges, to the 15x magnification which is particularly advantageous for accurate long-range shots especially when varminting. The larger zoom range and the greater eye relief allow for more flexibility, greater precision and increased safety when hunting. Above 15x magnification, the rifle scopes are fitted with HD lenses and lateral parallax turret for accurate shooting at extreme distances, especially useful when varminting.

    Nightforce NXS

    As a distributer for Nightforce, there are several rifle scopes stocked in the Nightforce range at Sportsman Gun Centre. Since 1992, Nightforce has been a winner in countless benchrest competitions. They have taken that knowledge and success and combined it with the durability and features of the NXS line to create the ultimate long-range field and target scopes. The 8-32 x 56 and 12-42 x 56 offer fast adjustments for precise, repeatable shot placement, perfect for varminting and stalking. The extremely high magnification ranges mean there is now virtually no target outside the capable and experienced shooter’s reach.

    Nightforce NF

    The Nightforce NF Precision Benchrest riflescope models feature 56mm multi-coated lenses, providing the superior resolution necessary to distinguish fine detail at extremely long ranges. Nightforce optics adjustable objective allows extra-fine focus to adjust parallax from 25 yards to infinity. Both Precision Benchrest rifle scopes are equipped with a coil spring plunger return system to maximize tracking accuracy, making them a superior addition to your stalking and varminting equipment. The eyepiece provides fast reticle focusing, and a glass-etched illuminated reticle provides optimum image/reticle contrast under virtually any lighting conditions.

    We’re here to help

    At Sportsman Gun Centre we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure you make the right purchase for your stalking and varminting needs. Please contact one of our skilled and trained staff who will be more than willing to help. You can call any of our stores here or send an email.


    The problem of vermin control is constant and it is essential to remain vigilant in keeping vermin, especially rabbits, squirrels and rats at bay. The easiest solution for vermin control is to invest in an air rifle. Whether it is spring based or PCP (pre charged pneumatics) Sportsman Gun Centre has a wide range of Air Rifles to choose from.

    Sportsman Gun Centre stock the popular Weihrauch range of Air Rifles

    air1Stocked by Sportsman Gun Centre and one of the most popular rifles in the Weihrauch range is the WEIHRAUCH HW80 & 80K. This is probably the best break barrel air rifle available, often classified as "the workhorse". The robust construction, the excellent accuracy and the powerful main spring guarantee an extraordinary efficiency and penetration power, especially at longer distances; making this Air Rifle ideal for controlling vermin by shooting at long range. This is particularly useful for rabbits, squirrels and rats that are difficult to get close to. Sportsman Gun Centre’s stock also includes models such as the Weihrauch HW25L, an ideal first gun for those being introduced to vermin control.





    BSA Air Rifles for Vermin Control at Sportsman Gun Centre

    air2With perfect balance, fast handling and total scope security as standard, the BSA Lightning has become a favourite with hunters and professional vermin controllers worldwide. At Sportsman Gun Centre we were keen to stock this sought after rifle. The BSA Lightning rifle takes the renowned Supersport format to another level, via a features upgrade that adds greatly to its performance in the field. First, the standard barrel is shortened to true carbine length then fitted with BSA’s superb Volumetric silencer. This drastically reduces the Lightning’s muzzle blast while also providing a comfortable cocking grip. Next, the rifle is fitted with a full-specification, Maxi-Grip scope rail, complete with its patented, rubber-mounted, shock-absorption system.




    Sportsman Gun Centre stock the Air Arms S410 – The Ultimate in Vermin Control

    air3AIR ARMS S410 TDR (TAKE DOWN RIFLE) - is a small nimble rifle based on the S400 series. It can be dismantled into a small case making it the ultimate vermin control rifle for someone where space or travel efficiency is a concern. Sportsman Gun Centre also stock the Air Arms S510 Thumbhole which is easy to manoeuvre around tight corners and dense bush. This rifle is well suited for stalking vermin, giving ease of movement and flexibility.

    Making sure you are well kitted out

    Controlling vermin such as rabbits, squirrels and rats can involve stalking in undergrowth and getting down on your hands and knees! Lying down in the undergrowth will help to keep the air rifle steady and help you hit your target. It is important that you wear the right clothing and are well camouflaged. Somewhere in the region of 6 million rabbits live in wooded areas along with several million squirrels, being stealthy and blending in is key. At Sportsman Gun Centre we carry a wide range of outdoor clothing suited to wearing whilst stalking vermin.

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