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    Sportsman Gun Centre is welcoming in the New Year by carrying out an extensive expansion and refurbishment program to its Dorset store.

    Work on the improvements to Sportsman Gun Centre’s hunting, shooting and gun shop in Dorset, situated at the Southern Counties Shooting Ground, Wardon Hill, on the A37 between Yeovil and Dorchester, will begin as soon as the festive shopping season comes to an end at the beginning of January, and is due to be completed by early March.

    Sportsman Gun Centre is the leading group of UK gun shops, with branches in Exeter and Newport as well as the Dorset store, all complimenting its comprehensive online store.

    Dorset Gun Shop to feature more shooting and hunting clothing

    The expansion will increase the capacity of the Dorset store by one third and is designed to do justice to the sheer extent and quality of our product range, from top of the market shooting and hunting rifles, sports and competition guns and pistols, shooting and hunting clothing and shooting and hunting accessories.

    The current store is split into two distinct areas, with the gun display and reloading areas effectively separated from the main hunting and shooting clothing and accessories section by a partition.

    The expansion and improvement programme will introduce an open-plan layout, allowing for a greater range of related products to be displayed side by side.

    The Ladies hunting and shooting clothing and accessories section will be expanded, a new section added especially to showcase more examples of our unrivalled top-of-the-range hunting and shooting rifles and the reloading facilities will also be extended.

    “The current size and layout of the Dorset store doesn’t allow us to do complete justice to the range of guns, rifles and clothing that we have to offer,” says Sportsman Gun Centre Managing Director Gary Lamburn.

    “With new ranges coming in all the time we need not only more space but a layout that allows the customer to find what it is that they are looking for more easily. The improvements we are making from January will allow us to do just that.”

    The Dorset store will remain open as usual during the refurbishment, from 9am-5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm on Sunday.

    For more information call 01935 83099, E-mail or log on to the website


    In some circles hunting decoys have come to be regarded more as works of art rather than for their true purpose – effective decoys that meet all a huntsman’s requirements and get results.

    Decoys with finest hand-painted detail and life-like moulding are all very well, but if they do not actually result in improved success then they are better suited to the mantelpiece than the field.

    Real Decoys – Not Just Works of Art

    fud decoysSportsman Gun Centre is pleased to have been appointed joint UK distributors of FUD Decoys, which are fast changing the face of hunting decoys, not just in this country but the world over.

    Whereas traditional decoys have as many design strengths as weaknesses, FUD decoys (FUD stands for Fold Up Decoy) perform the full decoying job without all the frustrating variation. It is the first and only decoy that delivers in water, on ice, on land, in motion, in transport and storage.

    The FUD decoys uses three dimensional, photo-generated imagery to eliminate any need for decoy movement in your pattern.

    After years of research into hunting decoys and their effectiveness, FUD decoys take decoys back to what they were always intended to be – decoys that genuinely mimic what is seen in nature by the targeted bird.

    Concentrating on functionality rather than decorative detail, FUD hunting decoys recognise that perfect feather detail and lines are all but superfluous at a range of over five yards.

    fud decoysWhat does matter are key influences on approaching birds such as image tone, shadow and, vitally, the ability to realistically replicate a variety of lifelike bird postures, including resting, feeding and standing guard.

    FUD decoys have multiple pivot points at the head, body and legs to set highly naturalistic variations among the decoys employed.

    The decoys are prized as much for their ease of use as for their effectiveness. FUD stands for Fold Up Decoy. They can be deployed anywhere, on land or in water, can be opened out or closed up within the matter of a few seconds and are light and easy to carry.

    Take the FUD Decoy Challenge at Sportsman Gun Centre Prices

    FUD decoys are so confident that their products are the best available that they are challenging huntsmen to try their range – which includes pigeon, magpie, crow, goose and duck decoys - entirely on their own, without mixing in any other decoys, flappers or magnets, and then compare the results.

    Unlike blow-moulded decoys, FUD decoys are lightweight, do not crack, chip or fade. Made of tough heavy duty neoprene/EVA bonding they have a totally matt, non-shine finish.

    fud decoysTo mark their status as distributors of FUD Decoys Sportsman Gun Centre are offering some very special prices.

    At just £25 for a pack of six, you can save £10 on the RRP FUD pigeon decoys. There’s £5 off a pack of mallard duck decoys (RRP £35) and the same saving on six European Magpie decoys at £25.

    Each pack comes with Anchors (for waterbirds), Ground Pegs, Mother Line, FUD Slinger Carrying Hook and a Tactics Manual.


    One of the most famous names in rifles is once again available to huntsmen in the UK thanks to a new distribution deal between Weatherby Guns in the US and Sportsman Gun Centre UK. We are pleased to now sell their Amazing Wetherby Rifles, semi-automatic shotguns and vanguard range.

    Weatherby Rifles have been setting benchmarks for hunting rifle and shooting rifle performance since its founding in the 1940’s, first developing the world renowned high-powered Weatherby Magnum cartridges, and then a decade later revolutionised the performance of bolt action hunting and shooting rifles with the introduction of the Weatherby Mark V Bolt Action Rifle.

    Ever since Weatherby guns and ammunition have enjoyed a reputation for providing a flat shooting, hard hitting, low recoil and pinpoint accurate combination.

    New Weatherby Rifles Distribution Deal

    However, Weatherby rifles and Weatherby shotguns have not been available on the UK market for many years, that is until Sportsman Gun Centre stepped in recently and signed a deal to become the sole distributors in this country.

    Sportsman’s Gary Lamburn said: “We are delighted to be the sole distributors for Weatherby, who have a reputation for excellence and whose products are highly-regarded by the hunting community the world over.

    “Weatherby haven’t been available here for some ten years now so there will be huntsmen who don’t know much about them, but they soon will. With Weatherby you get a lot of gun for not a lot of money.”

    Weatherby Vanguard Rifles and Semi Automatic Shotguns

    Visitors to Sportsman’s Exeter, Dorset and Newport stores will now find three different Weatherby rifles on offer; the Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic, Carbine and Sporter and the Weatherby SA-08 Synthetic semi-automatic shotgun will arrive soon afterwards.

    The Weatherby Vanguard Synthetic is one of the best value rifles on the market today at just £534.99, boasting a fully adjustable trigger, injection moulded Monte Carlo composite stock and 24” hammer forged barrel and is available in calibres .223 Remington up to .300 Winchester Magnum.

    At the same price the Weatherby Vanguard Carbine weighs in at just six and a half pounds and has a shorter 20” barrel, while the Sporter combines an exceptional value luxurious wood stock with low lustre black metalwork and is a snip at just £719.99.

    The Weatherby SA-08 Synthetic semi-automatic shotgun is described by the company as a ‘reliable workhorse’ that can handle ‘high volume’ shooting and hunting demands. Its injection-moulded synthetic stock is tough enough to cope with the most testing conditions and Sportsman are looking forward to offering them in the very near future.


    Sportsman Gun Centre is proud to announce it has reached an agreement to become exclusive distributors of Roedale Precision rifle suppressors in the UK.

    Roedale Precision's Delta Series Suppressors are manufactured in Germany by a team led by Pete Lincoln, a former British serviceman, hunting devotee and qualified master riflesmith.

    Roedale Precision rifle suppressors, or sound moderators and silencers as they are also known, have quickly developed a reputation for performance excellence and outstanding value, but until the distribution deal with Sportsman Gun Centre many potential UK customers have been put off or been frustrated by the delays in importing Roedale products from Germany because of the amount of paperwork involved.

    Now Roedale rifle suppressors will be available direct in the UK from the Sportsman Gun Centre stores in Exeter, Dorset and Newport and through its online store.

    British design and German engineering combine to make superb value rifle suppressors

    Roedale Precision's Delta Series of rifle suppressors are an example of the science and technology of sound suppression taken to its optimum. They are individually hand-machined, robust and designed to be affordable to the wider hunting fraternity.

    Pete acquired much of his expertise in sound suppression while working in the aerospace industry prior to setting up Roedale. He used contacts at the Research and Development team at the University of Applied Science Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany, to produce the most advanced and flexible, sound suppression system.

    The result of this R&D is a Rifle suppressor that combines excellent sound suppression, muzzle flash elimination and recoil reduction, all in an extremely compact and lightweight package.

    Modular baffle design to cater for different requirements and calibres

    Key to the success of the Roedale Delta Suppressor series is its adaptability to different individual hunting and shooting requirements, which is made possible by the modular suppressor baffle system.

    Baffles are essentially a series of chambers that reduce the strength of airborne sound by trapping, cooling and then expelling rapidly expanding propellant gases.

    The Roedale Precision Delta Series rifle suppressors come in ultralight and standard. The modular suppressor baffle system allows the huntsman to tailor the suppressor to their exact requirements by simply adding or removing additional blast baffle units to create the perfect compromise of weight distribution and sound suppression.

    It is also possible to replace the first couple of baffle units with stainless steel in order to ensure suitable performance with high intensity magnum type calibres.

    The alloy used in production has been made exclusively to Roedale's specifications to ensure constant quality and real world performance, all parts are CNC machined from solid bar stock, available in either Parkerised Steel or Stainless Steel variants and TiAIN or phosphate coated.

    Delta rifle suppressors are muzzle mounted and come available with commonly found thread patterns, initially these will be available as 1/2" UNF with further sizes to follow.

    “Roedale Precision have quickly established a reputation for making truly outstanding value rifle suppressors,” says Gary Lamburn, Managing Director of Sportsman Gun Centre.

    "However, until this breakthrough distribution deal it has not been very convenient for hunting and shooting enthusiasts to get hold of them.

    "Now we have a chance to offer these examples of precision design and engineering in suppressors to the UK market at outstanding prices."

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