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    Shotgun engraving demonstrations by world-renowned shotgun craftsman Diego Bonsi are among the range of attractions on offer at the Sportsman Gun Centre CLA Game Fair stand at Warwickshire’s Ragley Hall later this month.

    Bosni is the master engraver at Famar di Abbiatico & Salvinelli, the Italian deluxe gun makers whose bespoke shotguns and sports rifles are sought after the world over.

    Sportman is proud to be the UK’s sole distributor of Famars guns, and Bosni will be demonstrating his intricate art from Sportman’s stand. Anyone who wants to bring along their own gun and have the oval engraved can do so for a charge.

    This is Sportsman’s second appearance at the country’s biggest event dedicated to all things countryside, which is expected to attract around 150,000 people over three days this year and also includes exhibitors and demonstrations covering hunting, shooting, fishing, forestry and food.

    Such was the success and positive feedback from last year’s visit Sportman’s have more than doubled the size of their presence on Gunmakers Row for 2010.

    Shooting and hunting rifles

    As well as Famar, representatives from many of the leading brands and manufacturers that Sportsman distributes in the UK will be on hand to show off their products and talk to and answer questions from show goers.

    Two of the five berths will be dedicated to the brilliant range of Farr quad bikes, ATVs and UTVs, while the remaining three will be dedicated to Sportman’s unrivalled range of shotguns and hunting rifles, optics, accessories and clothing.

    Representatives from The Sportsman Gun Centre Ltd will demonstrate precision riflescopes, including the new German-made Zeiss Duralyt range, of which Sportsman are among only a handful of stockists in the UK.

    For the second year running optics from Nightforce, one of the world’s premier long-range rifle optics, also distributed by Sportsman, and Swarovski will also feature prominently.

    To celebrate becoming UK distributors of US hunting rifle makers Weatherby, inventors of the groundbreaking Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard models, Austin Sheriden, an expert from the company, will be showcasing their latest products from across the Atlantic.

    They’ll be joined by representatives of Steyr Mannlicher rifle makers, for whom Sportsman’s are also the sole UK distributors.

    “We are so pleased to have Steyr in attendance this year,” said Sportman’s Gary Lamburn.

    “We have been proud to distribute their rifles for the last seven years and it is fantastic to have a personal representative from the company here this year.”

    Sportsman have decided to celebrate the very best it has to offer this year and will also include an exclusive selection of the finest guns from other celebrated names such as Beretta, Browning and Famars.

    “We’ll have something like 200 years experience between the people manning the stand this year and we’re really looking forward to it,” added Aboo Cattran of Sportman.

    “It’s the most important event of its kind in the UK and a great chance to get to meet the public and showcase the products and companies that we are proud to be associated with.”

    The CLA Game Fair 2010 takes place at Ragley Hall, near Alcester, Warwickshire, July 23-25th. Advanced tickets and information are available at

    Sportsman Gun Centre Ltd is located at Stand H653 on Gunmakers Row.


    Owning a combined binocular and rangefinder has until now been reserved for the huntsman with very deep pockets.

    American optics specialists Bushnell have brought together the best of both worlds in their new Fusion 1600 ARC. Where previously you would have had to spend thousands of pounds, Sportsman is offering the Fusion, which brings together Bushnell binoculars’ superb optical quality and touch-of-a-button laser distance display, for an amazing offer price of just £699.99.

    Bushnell 10x42 viewing technology

    The Fusion boasts many of the optical features that have made Bushnell binoculars and rangefinders among the market leaders both in Europe and The United States.

    With Bushnell 10x42 binoculars features, every detail is magnified from edge to edge thanks to premium multi-coated optics and BaK-4 prisms with a phased correcting coating that delivers the richest contrast and stunning clarity.

    The Fusion 1600 also incorporates many of the features characteristic of more expensive water proof binoculars. It includes RainGuard HD water repellent and anti-fogging lens coating and has been designed to be guaranteed 100% waterproof.

    Bushnell laser range finder

    Bushnell has incorporated its Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology as part of the Fusion package.

    ARC instantly takes into account and compensates for the angle of viewing from -90° to +90° to maximise precision shooting, has the choice of bow, rifle and standard line of site modes and operates at distances spanning 10 to 1600 yards. Its accuracy rating is plus or minus one yard.

    Incorporating Bushnell laser range finder technology, the Fusion also features an exciting new scanning option that allows users to receive a continuous reading while moving the reticle from one target to another or as they follow a moving target. Despite all these extras, the Fusion weighs no more than a standard 10x42 pair of binoculars.


    Retailing at around a third of the price of many of its competitors, the Fusion 1600 is the binocular/rangefinder combo that the hunting and shooting community has been waiting for.

    While Bushnell has always been sought after as a brand for the quality of its rangefinders, and the Fusion is no exception, it is the added quality of the optics which has blown away those who’ve already had a chance to try it out.


    NOW summer finally with us and the sunshine there is no better time to introduce friends or family to the pleasures of clay target or clay pigeon shooting.

    There are over 25,000 members of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association in the UK, with participants ranging in age from 9 to 90, from beginners to top level international competitors, including Olympians.

    Sportsman Gun Centre were proud sponsors of the first British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) Clay Shoot Challenge for students of gamekeeping earlier this year, and we are currently offering some very special deals on clay pigeon traps.

    Entry level Clay traps

    The Champion High Flyer Target Thrower is the ideal starter clay target trap, and is currently almost half price at just £26.99.

    Any regulation clay target, loaded two at a time, is delivered to challenging distances simply by pulling a string, while the inbuilt target clip ensures the trap is securely placed and sent out on a consistent flight path. The Champion High Flyer can either be staked into the ground or mounted on a tire.

    For larger groups, or those wanting to practice the sport for sustained periods, you can save over £150 with Sportman on the highly popular Do All Outdoors Aerial Assault Clay Trap at an amazing £396.99.

    The Do All Outdoors broke new ground as the first fully automatic trap that can deliver 50 targets per load, released by the shooter with a foot pedal, within a retail price range.

    Although light weight and portable these traps are tough as old boots and made to last. The sturdy steel leg base guarantees smooth release of the traps while a pivot adapter allows the height of the target release to be adapted.

    The delivery tray is made of lexan to ensure it does buckle or warp, ensuring consistent release up to 80 to 100 metres. Its 12 volt marine battery allows the trap to operate for up to 24 hours in one session.

    For those looking to increase their skill levels, the Champion Easybird Auto Feed Clay Trap (sale price £467.99) throws both 108mm and 110mm international targets and can be adjusted to ranges between 55 and 65 feet on a 1 second cycle.

    It can be mounted on a Champion Trap Taxi, also on sale from Sportsman at £120.99.

    Competition level Clay traps

    For the truly dedicated or competition clay shooter the Champion Easybird Double Auto Feed Clay Trap is Archery Shooting Association (ASA) certified, its two magazines boasting a 100 target capacity, adjustable to between 35 and 50 yards and up to a 30 degree elevation.

    The 12 volt deep cycle battery is capable of delivering up to 5,000 targets in a single session. At £709.99 you can save over £185 on the recommended retail price.

    For more information contact Sportsman Gun Centre on 01392 354854 or or click Decoys and Targets


    New Carl Zeiss Riflescope Range

    At Sportsman Gun Centre we believe Zeiss’ reputation for producing premium quality riflescopes for hunters of all levels can only be further cemented after taking delivery of its new Duralyt range.

    Sportman is proud to be one of the few UK retail outlets for this series of three new Zeiss riflescopes that combine that well-earned reputation for excellence and precision with unbeatable performance.

    Zeiss Scope and rifle combo deals

    And to mark the launch of these new Ziess Riflescopes that will appeal equally to the leisure and professional huntsman, Sportman is offering unbeatable Zeiss optic / Rifle combo deals on selected hunting rifles and the new Zeiss 3-12x50 Duralyt riflescope for long to medium range shooting distance.

    Beginning at under £600, half the price you would previously have expected to pay for this standard and quality, the three brand new Zeiss optics – Duralyt 3-12x50, 2-8x42 and 1.2-5x36 – offer outstanding value for money combined with the levels of precision optics and robustness in the field.

    The waterproofed riflescopes are manufactured from a single block to avoid problems with multiple parts and joints and nitrogen filled to boost lightness.

    The New Zeiss Duralyt range for every huntsman

    The first in the series, the Duralyt 1.2-5x36, is the ideal choice for those looking for a lightweight scope for shooting at close range, on a driven hunt for instance, with up to 5 x magnification making it an excellent all-rounder for day-time hunting.

    Moving up the range, the 2-8 x 42 is as short and sleek as the 1.2-5 x 36, but able to provide superbly clear visuals in twilight and optimum medium range magnification to distances of over 200m, making it the choice of experienced hunters operating in varied terrains.

    The 3-12x50 not only fulfils all the needs of the stand hunter operating during the day or twilight with it light transmissive optics and extremely wide magnification range, but its light weight makes it ideal for the mountain hunter moving around testing landscapes.

    The Zeiss Duralyt range offers famed German precision at Eastern European prices!

    For more information contact Sportsman Gun Centre on 01392 354854 or

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