Nightforce offers a wide range of sophisticated reticles that maximize the effectiveness of our riflescopes. While many scope companies treat reticles as an afterthought, each Nightforce reticle is designed for ultimate performance within specific applications. This is the only way to acheive the highest degree of repeatable, predictable accuracy possible…making your choice of reticle almost as important as your choice of riflescope.

nightforce reticles

Illumination is standard on all Nightforce reticles.

Nightforce parallax adjustment and reticle illumination control is located on the left side of the scope. Pulling out the adjustment activates reticle illumination, while turning the adjustment alone adjusts parallax. It is a patented system only from Nightforce. On fixed-parallax Nightforce scopes, the left-side adjustment controls illumination only.

NP-1 - Big Game Hunting

Designed for quick target acquisition, its floating three plex design utilises all the functional elements of a duplex without the usual obstructions especially at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. This makes Nightforce's NP-1 superior to other duplex reticles. Measured at 22x, a fine crosshair with a .080 M.O.A. subtension extends 4 M.O.A. from center and is bracketed by heavy bars at the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. The NP-1 directs your eye to center for quick target acquisition.

NP-R1 - Field Tactical Varmint, Long Range Hunting

This is an improved version of the NP-R2, providing the user with 1 MOA measurements on the elevation bar and 2 MOA measurements on the windage bar. This improved reticle design allows the shooter to range easily and accurately.

NP-R2 - Field Tactical Varmint, Long Range Hunting

2 moa vertical increments allow accurate rangefinding and multiple zero and hold points to compensate for windage and bullet drop. Excellent for longrange applications. NP-R2 reticles in Nightforce 5.5-22x, 8-32x and 12-42x show 20 MOA scale below centerline. In the 3.5-15x, an additional 10 MOA scale below center is indicated on the reticle.

NP-1RR - Varmint Hunting, Long Range Hunting

Works on principle of known target size to provide easy rangefinding and quick, accurate compensation for wind drift and bullet drop.

MLR - Field tactical, Long-range hunting

.5 mil and 1 mil divisions allow for multiple zeroes, holdover, holdunder and windage adjustments without touching elevation or windage knobs. Excellent for range estimation.

MILDOT - Field tactical

See-through dots and posts do not obscure target, allowing for more precise estimation of range. 1 mil spacing between dots (3.6" at 100 yards).

FC-2 - CQB General hunting

The center dot provides a precise aim point, while the larger circle gives a wider zone for fast or moving shots. The triangle under the circle can be used as a 10 moa holdover point from center dot and as a ranging tool.

NP-2DD - Varmint hunting 1000-yard benchrest

Unobstructed field of view and precise moa reference markings serve the predator hunter and benchrest competitor equally well. Simple and effective at close and long ranges.

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